Helpdesk Ticketing Systems Part #1

On 01/06/2010, in Tech Tips, by Michael

After much hair pulling and head slamming into desk activities, I have decided that I need to get a Helpdesk Ticketing System up and running.

Having said that, i promptly jumped onto Google and found these two:

Yes, the second one is written by Frenchmen, but they make an easy to use product thats for sure.

Comparing the two, we can see some pretty similar features between them:

They both have your typical Ticketing system
Both have the ability to create and track tickets via inbound and outbound emails
It would appear that both have the ability to also be an asset tracking system (which i think would be quite useful!)

The plan from here, is to put them both through some tests, including the install-a-bility- of eachof these software packages and to see what kind of gotcha’s we run into on the way!

Stay tuned for more updates!


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