Just a quick summary with this one here.

I have done a bit of poking around considering that VMWare hasnt let me install ADDS within a Win2k8R2 VM with out crashing horribly.

The solution was to either run Xen, or find some other alternative. I spoke with a few colleagues who recommended that i check out Virtual Box (http://www.virtualbox.org/) for a nice lightwieght app that will let me run VMs on my desktop.

After a quick download, ive then installed Virtual Box and to my surprise, there has been no requirement to reboot! Hazaa! Mark 1 for Virtual Box.

From here, it was fairly straight forward to go through and start setting up my VMs, which i proceeded to do. I may have rushed through the initial setup though, to test and see if i could replicate the issue with ADDS being installed and to my relief, there were no crashing issues when installing the role or trying to run dcpromo.exe after the installation of the role!

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