My Lian Li NAS Troubles

On 27/01/2011, in Ramblings, Tech Tips, by Michael

Lian Li EX-40N-i

So having just moved house recently and acquiring a new house mate, I have been blessed with the presence of a 5.4tB NAS connected to my network.

I thought that this was going to be a wonderful situation, seeing as it had nothing on there to begin with and, being the file horder that I am, was quickly filled up my 4x1tB Hard drives in 2x2tB RAID0 Arrays.
Brilliant I though, what ill do, is move everything off of my 1tB drives on to the NAS, rejig the RAID and move all the data back over! Excellent idea! It would have kept everything in the one spot (I hate having lots of individual drives, I mean, who doesnt?).

The NAS in question, is a Lian Li EX-40N, contained with it, 4x2tB Western Digital Drives (im not sure if they are ‘Greens’ or not as i didnt put them in there) in a RAID5 setup for a bit of redundancy. Excellent, so far so good.
Right, lets get moving some data over to it. Having a poke around in the WebUI for the NAS I found the ‘Settings’ page for all the service that is has running on it. First thing I looked for was FTP and low and behold, there it is disabled. I tick the box, enabled the FTP server. Ok, setup the username and password and lets queue everything up in Filezilla and away we go!

A bit of time passes and I go back to check on the queue to see how far along it is and to my horror, its transferring 2 threads at a total of 4mB/s??!! What the? What gives? This isnt good, ive got the best part of 4tB to transfer at this rate, its going to takes many days to complete!

Having a poke around on my computer to see if i could figure out what was causing it. Checked SMB shares, nope, nothing open. Check network usage, nope 5-10% tops. Whats going on? I cant figure it out!

So, I ask the housemate for the box the thing came in to see if i could see some specs on the internals of the NAS and low and behold, what do i find? This little trinket of information:


Well ill be!

This now proves that the NAS has next to zero throughput on it, but it raises a very good question, WHY LIAN LI have you decided to put a Gigabit Ethernet Controller onto the NAS and then power it by a 300mhz CPU that wont even do 100mbit?


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5 Responses to My Lian Li NAS Troubles

  1. Thomas says:

    Support will tell you that it’s a feature and not a bug! XD

    I got caught out purchasing a Raidon (aka Stardom) iTank 2 bay nas which has the same stuff inside, I was absolutely gutted, I felt like I had been made a fool by a bunch of dirty rip off artists.

  2. IceaTronic says:

    Absolutely, the thing that got me is that it would have been cheaper to put a 100baseT NIC on the thing, then there would be no false hopes of speed with this. Never the less, this has been palmed off to said house mates family and we are going to build our own file server complete with real 1000baseT NIC!

  3. CyberEvil says:

    Hi there, I just bought the same stupid shit with these same results… aren’t we covered by someone? Who is going to take the blame of these 100/t speeds? All my network, including 6 servers, Cisco E4200 x2, SG 100D-08 x3, etc, etc, are on Gigabit, and this tiny crap of product, that was uberexpensive on my country was bought in order to serve 4x WD Black 2TB with these absurd speeds?! what in the world is happening to these guys advertising a plain lie? Who would act under this situation?
    I’m really upset and about to update my blog with the results of this fraud.

  4. Geoff says:

    Just stumbled onto this, clearly an old post, but I would like to point out that clearly the device was poorly configured or you had some other network issue.

    We have a AMD K6-2 @ 300MHz, 64MB ram and running Debian as a gateway and file-server for a local network of PCs being serviced. The machine was built from old junk that doest owe us anything, but configured correctly we see 50-60M/s transfers over gigabit, around 11M/s to older machines with 100mbit cards.

    You don’t need a fast CPU for performance, you need to configure Samba properly, out of the box you will be lucky to get > 5M/s. Unless you are servicing thousands of connections the most basic of systems are even overkill.

  5. IceaTronic says:


    While generally I’d agree with you, form memory, the configuration settings that the NAS gave you were pretty rudimentary. Settings like, Workgroup, On or Off were about it.

    As for the overall config of the device, the same thing applies, there were simply not enough configuration options to make the thing work as intended. It really stank of a simple device for Mum and Dad type operators to plug in and store their photos on.

    Never the less, have moved away from propriety things like this and am now running a HP N54L with 6x4TBs in it running FreeNAS and haven’t had any issues with it at all.\


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