Helpdesk Ticketing Systems #2

On 22/11/2010, in Tech Tips, by Michael

Ok so its been ages since my last post.

In the mean time, ive changed jobs, with a completely different focus on the IT industry.

Any who…

Ticketing systems, seems like this is a recurring theme across jobs as one of the first things that i had to do was to trial and implement a ticketing system to help us keep track of tasks that needs to happen.

First thing i tried and we hit success with, was GLPI ( and voi la, it works perfectly.

Nice and simple to set up. Had it going in under 10 minutes.

Only glitch came when i was settings things up within it, and even then its not a glitch. As with everything, there was quite some work in setting it up and getting to know it.

Never the less am quite happy with how things turned out 😀

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